Announcements From Bro. Jesse

“It was brought to my attention the need to clarify the announcements from Sunday. I am leaving three of the brothers in charge- Bro. Tim Boles, Bro. Tim Perkins, and Bro. Steve Richter. These three are seasoned men who will keep in touch with me. Feel free to contact any of these three if problems arise. Please do not burden Bro. Art Richter or Bro. Tyrone Mitchell.

Regarding masks in service: in order to protect those vulnerable, we request that upon entering or leaving pew areas masks be worn. While seated or standing in pew area you may remove your mask. Please be mindful of those still wearing masks and give them a safe distance. Thank you.”

Photo Session

Photography, Studio, Photo Shoot, Lighting

Schedule your photo session for the church directory online.

All sessions are on August 9th at church, between 4 PM and 9 PM.

Use the online appointment scheduler to reserve your time slot.